Mary A. Brandon Photo



“Doing who you be.” Everyone’s life is his or her own living art. I believe that we all have gifts and abilities that we take for granted. In the work community, it is essential for everyones' well being to authentically offer who we are. Most of my working life has been dedicated to helping people discover themselves in relationship to their work. I am further committed to helping them develop strategies that will enhance their total employment experience. Ultimately an individual’s personal growth benefits the company that employs them as well as the greater community.



1991-present Aspect Consulting
     President, Employment Consulting

1986-1991 Wayne/Westland Community Schools, Special Projects, Tinkham Center
     Program Developer, Program Manager

1983-1986 Life Centers Inc.
     Vocational Counselor

1977-1983 Teacher, Entrepreneur & Consultant, private schools and establishments throughout Metro Detroit, MI



National Board of Professional & Ethical Standards
     Basic through Master & NLP Certifications, PhD Hypnotherapy

Stout University, Wisconsin
     Certification of Disability Management Specialists, Insurance Rehab.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services Organization of the Year Award

Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI
     Bachelor of Science, major: Psychology, minor: Philosophy

Personal Story


After working for years in vocational rehabilitation, I found myself unemployed as a result of a merger. This occurred at a time in my life when I was really ready for change. I made some very critical decisions that would alter the course of my life and one year later became the owner of a new thriving business and also the proud parent of a newborn son! Now over a decade later I fully appreciate the issues involved in trying to juggle multiple roles and demands on one’s time. During the better part of my career I have assisted people with physical or other barriers to become successfully employed. What I learned assisting them to overcome seemingly huge obstacles was that the obstacles themselves often point us in the direction to realize who we are, what our strengths are and ultimately enable us to understand the meaning of our lives. I specialize in coaching that helps you get the most from your past experiences, encourages you to accept your current circumstances and that inspires you to envision a new future with power, passion and joy. You can make real progress fulfilling your potential while at the same time building a lasting personal Legacy.