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As your coach, whether I am working directly with you or through our book, Finding Power, Passion and Joy in being@work, I am committed to supporting you in becoming more than you already are. I have experienced and observed the opportunities when work is in alignment with being. I have also seen what can happen when this is not the case. I believe we spend far too much time at work during our lifetime to not have it be something we really enjoy doing and doing well, in an environment that supports us. My coaching will be the support you need to achieve goals and desires, to improve your performance, claim your power, discover your passion and find joy in work!



2000–Present   being@work
     Founder & President

1999       Luftig & Warren

1998–1999       Hugh Anderson Associates
     Senior Vice-President

1985–1997       EDS
     Senior Leadership positions

1976–1985       General Motors Corporation



Leading Learning Communities
     Transformational Coaching Program

Smith College
     Advanced Management Program

Wayne State University
     Master of Liberal Arts
     Bachelor of Science

Personal Story


As I reflect back on my career, there are two constants which continue to show up. One was my constant pursuit of leadership excellence, studying and practicing it. A second was my willingness and ability to recareer, that is to respond to issues and opportunities to change direction. A story which reflects this led me into coaching.

For the first 20 years of my work life my primary focus was my career and climbing the corporate ladder and I was very successful at it. Everything had progressed as I had planned until I reached the pinnacle of my career. In less than 6 months in my new position, I was faced with a major conflict and was removed from my position. I had never failed before and now had to find not only a way to get past this, but to prosper. I did. I experienced that career crisis can result in profound change and insight or it can leave a person scarred and unable to fulfill their destiny. Having a coach made all the difference. So whether you are considering a coach because of an issue you are dealing with or because you want to accelerate your career, I know coaching can create your advantage.