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The reason I do this work is because it is my life purpose to use my skills to help others. I want to help those who seek help to assess and implement what they need to do to improve their career and life direction. Everyone experiences transitional times in their life, they are never easy. I am dedicated to helping others make life transitions such as retirement and second or third careers successful. I firmly believe that each person can make a contribution no matter what your stage of life. The art and science of coaching teaches skills in communication, career management, problem solving, training and mentoring. These skills are of great value for anyone who leads, inspires and motivates others.



Robert S. Hunsberger Consuling, Inc
     Managing Principal; Consultant in Career Management & Development

Electronic Data Systems
     Operations Manager, Human Resources Director; Training and Development Consultant

United States Marine Corps.
     Private to Captain -- Infantry Leader; Recruiter; Drill Instructor; NROTC Instructor, Marquette University; Director NCO Acadamy; Guest Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy



Developed, and taught: ""Coaching & Developing People" and "How to Be Your Own Mentor" workshops

Guest instructor at Oakland University and Oakland Community College on the subject of career management.

Taught military leadersip and career management courses at Marquette University and the U. S. Naval Academy.

Personal Story


I have had to make career transitions twice in my lifetime, once at age 46 and the second time at age 65. In both cases these transitions profoundly affected my life. I was able to successfully manage these changes, maintaining my self-esteem and obtaining a strong sense of self-fulfillment. While it is said that experience is the only teacher, I firmly believe that we don’t all have to bear the same burdens or make the “mistakes” others have already experienced. If we are willing to learn, we can avoid some of the pain that life can and often does provide. “The thing that we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history." I know that I avoided ‘mistakes’ or what we call painful feedback, by having mentors. This is how I believe we can make a difference; listening to and gaining from other’s knowledge, and knowing our own wisdom. Today, I continue to help those who seek my counsel. I am able to do this because I not only understand their challenges; I have probably personally lived them.