WELCOME to my blog

I am passionate about work. Not the "it's Monday and I can't stand to get out of bed" type work, but the "I LOVE my job!" type work. I believe everyone should have the later. Otherwise, life can get pretty tedious. That is why I do what I do, coach people on how to find their "joy at work".

I am a work life and leadership coach. I have been doing this work "officially" for four years and for many year before that as an executive in corporate America. And I can say I love my work.

My blog will be my musings about work, about opportunities for success at work, about others work experience and about advice. As a writer and coauthor of a soon to be published book, "Finding Power, Passion and Joy being at Work", I have some strong opinions on the subject.

From time to time I may talk about a particular employee situation but it will never be about my coaching clients. Any coaching must be extremely confidential between the client and the coach and I will not violate that confidence in my writings.

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