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Speaking Engagements

My knowledge and experience in the world of work has provided me a unique opportunity to speak to people issues facing many organizations today. I know that the "human capital" in every organization supported by extraordinary leadership is the key to success. I am available to speak and "teach" on these issues..

My presentations and interactive sessions always focus on the individual and the importance of being in alignment with who they are with what they do. My message is one of responsibility - "no one can do it for you, you must do it for your self".

Whether it is to your employees, your leadership team or any other audience significant to your success, my colleagues and I can deliver a presentation that encourages personal responsibility. Contact me to discuss what presentations we can make to support you.

Here are some of our presentation headlines:

Management and Leadership have almost nothing in common.

Extraordinary leaders are made not born

Leading requires courage

Powerful employees are a good thing.

More pain is caused by not speaking the truth

Is it the truth or just a story?

Have you "wimped out" on your career?

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