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You might like to hear what some of our clients have to say about our coaching.

"Prudence is an excellent leadership coach. Through the use of several tools she guides her clients in a retrospective review of their leadership development over the course of their life. This proves to be valuable as the client assesses his or her current leadership skills."

"Prudence has real world business experience. One of the most valuable attributes of her coaching is her ability to work with her clients to identify contemporary leadership issues confronting the client Through the course of conversation and probing questions she leads the client to identify specific strategies with which to deal with current issues."
    J.J.S., President and CEO

"My coaching session were extremely valuable in dealing with some BIG roadblocks preventing me from moving forward in my career. I can honestly say I've covered more ground n 3 months than I did in the past 3 years. What a difference you made!"
    R.S., Chief Operating Officer

"Ms. Cole was able to provide feedback on situations and share insights from past experiences. I was able to gain new understanding and perspective to situations in the work place. The process was a positive experience and has given me a new outlook for the future."
    M K, Nurse Scholar

"My experience with the being@work career-coaching program was a personal journey - an important and valuable journey that I didn't realize how much I needed until I reached the end. I firmly believe this program can be of value to many top leaders…"
   A S, Hospital CFO

"Prudence helped me to focus on my strengths and weaknesses and, more importantly, what I did and did not want to do with my career. By narrowing down my search, I could concentrate on those paths, which would be most productive and have the highest potential for long-term career satisfaction. Prudence's advising, coaching and mentoring helped me through a particularly difficult time in my career."
   CK., Executive

"Their vision was in alignment with my vision for having a job and career that brings great joy, abundance, and satisfaction. Their coaching style honored me as an individual, and they encouraged me to listen to my own inner knowing and guidance to the perfect career for me and my life, which I did.
   GK, Systems Analysis

"…the program helped me to identify fears and negative attitudes that had been holding me back in my job…I identified what I most want to receive from work beyond a paycheck … Since completing the program, I have written a new resume (something I hadn't done in 10 years), applied for a position outside of my field, developed new contacts, found a source outside of my regular job to make extra money, and made a lateral transfer at my current place of employment to a more satisfying position."
   BT. Librarian

"I wanted Mary (a being@work coach) to know that I appreciated everything that she helped me with, I am grateful for her encouraging words. She helped pick me up when I was close to giving up and I have a great new job because of her and the program's help. Thanks I will not forget…"
   BK. Computer Systems Analyst

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