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Finding Power, Passion & Joy

Learn about our Coaching Team
My Philosophy

Working can be a wonderful experience when you recognize your power, know what you are passionate about and find joy utilizing your talents and skills. This should be the case for everyone. My approach and commitment to work life coaching comes from seeing the results with individuals and their organizations when work is in alignment with their interest desires, priorities, skill and talents.

Using our book, "Finding Power, Passion and Joy in Being At Work" you are coached using a series of discovery exercises and specifically selected interventions to address opportunities, blockages, and issues. The goal is to help you recognize the actual situation and then provide support to move beyond it. This work is done one-on-one with a coach over 7 sessions.

The focus for each client includes:

  • Encouraging personal responsibility for career and specific situation
  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Identifying career goals
  • Aligning with the organization
  • Resolving work issues
  • Developing career strategies
How We Work

The critical factors for us to be successful coaches are:
  • Establishing a rapport that allows for openness, trust, honesty and confidence in our coaching.
  • Maintaining confidentiality.
  • Supporting self-discovery.
  • Understanding the cultural environment.

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