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Motivation, that elusive factor for many people in the workforce today can be ignited. Not by providing more perks and benefits; those impacts are short lived. Motivation is internal and comes to people doing work that aligns who they are with what they do. In our coaching work we support people in achieving this alignment and utilizes their talents and skills in support of their passion.

Sometimes, individual coaching is not possible. As I have worked in various companies, I became aware of a desire to utilize our process on a broader scale. Thus, I have designed workshops that utilize our coaching process in small groups. And while I have an overall strategy for each workshop, I am committed to making them relevant to each situation. My commitment is to work with each organization to align our process with their needs.

Workshop Finding Power, Passion and Joy

This workshop uses my exclusive being@work process and our book, Finding Power, Passion and Joy Being At Work to coach 10-15 participants through a series of discovery exercises and discussions about their career and work life. It is conducted over 6 sessions of two hours. The focus is on helping each individual recognize that they are responsible for their career and then supports them in developing strategies to move forward. At the conclusion each participant will have developed a plan to align who they are with what they do and to find joy in work. This workshop will be conducted by two trained coaches and provide some limited individual coaching as needed.
Workshop How to Become Your Own Mentor (while supporting your employer)

This two-day workshop is designed for 15-20 participants to begin the process of aligning their goals with organizational goals and direction, igniting their passion and transforming their motivation.

Using the exclusive being@work process and our book, Finding Power, Passion and Joy Being At Work, participants will be guided through discovery exercises and action planning. The workshop will include an intervention directed at an organizational opportunity, blockage or issue and how individuals can take responsibility to address the situation. Two experienced facilitators will conduct this workshop.

Custom designed Work Life and Career Workshops

My experience has taught me how important it is to make a workshop relevant for the organization as well as for the participants. Contact me and see if we can design a coaching style workshop to meet your needs.

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